Engineering Solutions


Through niche engineering design and process optimisation, ROS’s packaging services are capable of integrating complex processing systems involving natural gas, seawater or corrosive chemicals. Incorporating a wide range of engineering process requirements in each package, ROS is seen as a one stop solution for a variety of industrial needs.

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Module Fabrication

With ROS’s strong emphasis on quality and standards, their reputation for fabrication has been enshrined in ROS’s track records for large sophisticated structures. Fabricating and delivering modules weighing up to 1700 tons, ROS demonstrates its capability to handle large and complex fabrication projects.

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EPCIC & Services

Growing demands of the industry have presented ROS with new challenges and opportunities. Since 2013, ROS has demonstrated its ability to design, refurbish and convert jack-up rigs into one stop solutions. Working with major players, and utilising its network of resources, ROS seeks to venture into new markets and tackle increasing complex challenges.

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